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Conley Motorsports

Conley Motorsports

By Kristie Darling

On the cover–Justin Conley, owner of Conley Motorsports
(Photo by Shane Greene Photography) .

Right–Justin is finishing the assembly of a Porsche 911 air-cooled engine in the designated clean engine room. Photo provided by Conley Motorsports.
(Photo provided by Conley Mortorsports)

Below–The Conley Motorsports Team is committed to its customers.
(Photo by Shane Greene Photography)

Conley Motorsports

Conley Motorsports


Trust, training, and experience might be the most important considerations when choosing an auto mechanic to work on your car. If you own a Porsche, Audi, or Volkswagen, these factors play a most important role. These foreign models require knowledgeable and experienced certified technicians who know these cars inside and out. No matter if yours is a workhorse that gets you where you’re going, or a cherished, restored treasure, you need to have it maintained and serviced by someone who really knows their stuff. At Conley Motorsports, you have that in spades with Justin Conley and his top-notch team. “I hear this all the time—nobody knows how to work on my car—and I know from experience that if you take your car to someone who’s expertise isn’t brand specific, it’s likely you’ll end up with more problems,” Justin told me. His skill and interest in these particular models are based in years of training and enthusiasm for Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen. Plus, Justin knows the value of providing exceptional customer service.

“We service a lot of cars, and the truth is, I can save people money who don’t take their repairs to a specialist,” Justin explained. “We’re brutally honest, and we would never recommend work that isn’t necessary—there’s no point in selling you something you don’t need. We know these engines from top to bottom, and we don’t miss something critical that needs to be done. For me, honesty and integrity with every customer ensures that I can make a decent living, sleep good at night, and keep the doors open.”

Quality mechanical work and regular maintenance are key to preserving the heritage of your vehicle. Justin specializes in these German brands, and he will not steer you wrong. He opened Conley Motorsports in Hickory because he realized that good mechanics for these models are few and far between. “Our customers know that I’m a technician first. They are enthusiasts themselves, and they understand that specialized knowledge is critical.”

With over twelve years’ experience under his belt prior to opening Conley Motorsports two years ago, Justin worked as shop foreman at a local Volkswagen and Porsche dealership. There he was trained as a factory certified master technician—his entire career has been focused on Porsches, Audis, and Volkswagens. Along with two Volkswagen factory-trained technicians who work for him, their extensive training in these particular brands ensures quality workmanship.

From diagnostic testing to find out why your check engine light has come on, to regular maintenance like an oil change, annual checkup, spark plugs, tires, and filters, Conley Motorsports is where you want to take your ailing car. All levels of service and repairs, as well as performance updates like software, exhaust, turbo, suspension…anything performance related…they can do. They’re an authorized dealer for Cobb Tuning, ECS Tuning, Eurodyne, and Motul Oil. “If it’s a Porsche, Audi, or Volkswagen, we can fix it,” said Luke Buckner, shop foreman. “Our factory diagnostic equipment is state-of-the-art. Engine replacement, transmission service, no matter, we get it done right the first time—we guarantee all our work.”

“I’m too impatient to do body work,” Justin said with a smile, “so I have good working relationships with several shops where my customers can get quality bodywork. Some restoration projects can take months, even years, as owners and collectors know. We can get the mechanical work done here at the same time the body is being restored by excellent craftsmen we recommend. You’ll be back in business as quick as possible.”

Communication is critical. To keep customers in the loop about their service job, Justin’s team uses TekMetric, software that allows them to send photos, texts, and emails of the work in progress. “Our customers are critical in the decisions that are made about their car. This new tool keeps us in touch throughout the process.” Justin keeps car owners up to date on their regular maintenance to help prevent costly repairs down the road.

“We want our customers to understand everything that’s going on with their car, so we’ll spend the time necessary to explain the diagnostics as well as the repairs that are needed. We don’t want anyone to leave here with questions or to be surprised when the bill comes. We’re competitively priced, upfront, and honest from the get-go.”

The three German makes that Justin specializes in are not just foreign made—they’re high-performance sports cars. They require fine-tuning, preventive maintenance, and quite a bit of hands-on TLC to give you the performance they are known for. Justin currently owns two Volkswagens and one Porsche himself. “In the shop, we’re all enthusiasts, we’re not just some guys working on your car,” he said. “We all drive these cars, and we love them. We want them to give all the performance you demand from your investment—we’ll keep your car running like new…or better.”

Racing is Justin’s backstory—it gives some insight into what he’s all about. “I was into competition and riding motor bikes in high school, and I’m still into racing,” Justin shared. “My training included NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville where I got manufacturer’s specific experience in these high-performance race cars. We’ve built a couple of cars that we race through Conley Motorsports, and we build track cars for other teams. When we’re not racing, we’re supporting other drivers in the pit. It’s exciting either way.”

When Justin decided to open Conley Motorsports, it was primarily because he wanted a full-service shop where he could call the shots and make his own decisions. “I believed things could be run better, more openly and honestly, with customer service as the top priority,” Justin explained. “I’m a very driven person. I wanted the next challenge, and that’s to say, I wanted my shop to outperform the rest. I think we’ve got that here.” Justin’s business ownership plan also allows him more freedom and quality time with his family. He’s his own boss.

Justin and his wife Kaycee, who is a dental assistant, have three children. Bentley is eight, Blake is five, and Briley is three. When I asked him what’s their favorite thing to do, he had only one answer for all his kids: race dirt bikes. For three-year-old Briley, Justin loves riding her around on the four-wheeler. Needless to say, they have a track at home.

When you call to talk about your car, you’ll start by speaking with receptionist Haley Johnson. She’ll get you going. When you bring your car in for service or to pick it up, you’ll be very pleased with the comfortable waiting room, coffee on the side. Take a peek into the shop area—it’s organized, clean, well-managed. “We’re getting lots of repeat customers, and our reputation for quality workmanship and great customer service is spreading,” Justin said. “Our loyal customers have been giving us rave reviews. We’re grateful for everyone who trusts us to work on these special cars.”

Everything about Justin’s business is what you want in an auto repair shop. Excellent repairs, service you can count on, and attentive customer care are what you get at Conley Motorsports, each and every time.

Conley Motorsports
2351 US Highway 70 SW
Hickory, North Carolina

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