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Reliant ERS

Reliant ERS

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Caroline Brown, executive vice president of Lake Norman Security Patrol Inc., the parent company of Security Central and Reliant Emergency Response Solutions

Right–Tyler, Caroline, and Lynne in Security Central’s Statesville central station.

Tyler and Lynne presenting some of Reliant’s products to a potential customer

Reliant ERS

Reliant ERS


Safety is something people may think is always on their mind, but it’s often just an afterthought until an event actually occurs. New, innovative methods of securing what we value, either property or people, that really work in an emergency situation and truly provide security, can be lifesavers in every sense of the word.

Security Central, a division of Lake Norman Security Patrol Inc., has developed Reliant ERS, a consumer brand dedicated to educating and providing safety solutions for many situations. The company’s monitoring center, Security Central, has been successfully working behind the scenes in life safety events for over 55 years. With the changing environment that people face every day, the family operated business saw the need to engage directly with those in need of more.

Family Values
Today, LNSP is owned and operated by three generations of the Ralph Brown family. Caroline Brown, third-generation, is executive vice president of LNSP. She is focused on transitioning the business for the future. “My grandfather started installing alarm systems in the early 1960s around Lake Norman,” Caroline shared. “At the time, alarm systems were revolutionary technology that provided homeowners peace of mind, and he no longer had to check around each property on foot.” Even then, Mr. Brown’s primary mission was to provide families and businesses with security services to protect what they valued most.

R. Courtney Brown, Jr., has managed daily operations for 20 plus years and has transitioned as president to allow for succession planning and a time of new business. “While this industry changes rapidly, our commitment and promise to protect what you value hasn’t changed a bit. No matter how innovative technology becomes, our service continues to reflect my father’s business values and high standards—everyone is treated like part of our family.”

“When people think about Security Central, or any division of LNSP, they think about strong family values,” Tyler Buchanan shared. Tyler is director of marketing and one of the team’s newest members. He is excited to be part of a growing business who supports helping him achieve success. “For the Browns, employee appreciation isn’t just a concept. I know I felt it when I needed to be with my wife’s family after emergency surgery. This was right after I was hired, but they said, go…be with your family; work will be here.” Throughout the year, management focuses on employees in different ways. The company is in the midst of an employee weight loss challenge—Tyler’s team is doing pretty good. Courtney’s wife, Kathy, is a personal trainer, and she’s taken on the role of the company’s health and wellness coach.

Lynne Sprinkle, who’s been with the company over 20 years and is a sales associate and the face of Reliant ERS, shared, “Security Central is an awesome place to work. We have very little turnover in our employees and it’s because people feel valued and well taken care of.”

Second generation sibling and Security Central board member, Ellen Meihaus, sums up the family business in short form: “Our mission remains the same, yet our vision is changing. There’s always a new challenge needing a new solution. We think about the future all the time, and we are grateful to all our employees who will take this company further by taking care of what’s important.”

Tell Me What You Need – We Have a Solution
What if you or someone you love needs help after a fall, an accident, or illness? That used to mean a phone call, if someone was nearby to make that call. Today, people are on the go. Reliant ERS provides several products that fit seniors with active lifestyles as well as those who are home bound. Your personal emergency response device can provide assistance at the touch of a button. The devices have advanced capabilities to tell if you have fallen or aren’t active with inactivity alerts. The Security Central dispatch operator can relay crucial medical information, contact family members, and quickly dispatch the appropriate emergency services to your location. Whatever Reliant can do to help ease a stressful situation, they will do. “What sets Reliant ERS apart from the rest is our level of support,” Tyler said. “Security Central’s operators have received extensive training and hold the highest-level industry certifications. The central station has the most up-to-date infrastructure.”

One of Reliant’s goals is to make their solutions affordable to clients in Catawaba and Iredell counties and throughout surrounding regions. Because there are no contracts to sign or installation fees, “If we don’t do the job you want,” Tyler said, “you can quit anytime.”

Keeping Workers Safe on the Job, Anywhere
Close your eyes for just a moment. Now, think about the people you work with—people you care about—who are out in the world working on their own. Does your wife sell real estate? Do you know any teachers? Any linemen, utility or construction workers in your life? Nurses or caregivers? Do you employ or supervise workers like these folks? Maybe you, yourself, work alone in an environment that’s not safe all the time? Security Central’s Reliant ERS division can address these critical safety situations without escalating what’s happening.

Reliant is expanding its attention into lone worker safety to provide specialized security solutions for people who face threatening situations on the job. The lone worker portfolio will launch with a unique device that provides discreet protection in the form of an ID badge holder. Most employers require ID badges for staff members, whether to ensure that they work at the facility or so employees can gain access, making this device the perfect fit. “People aren’t going to wear something additional if they don’t have to. We already carry our phones, badges, tablets—the list goes on—so having a safety solution incorporated into something employees are already wearing is ideal,” Caroline explained.

I was impressed with the ID badge’s ability to discreetly contact Security Central without an audible alert to signal the device is in use. Instead, the badge sent a low-pulse vibration to the wearer to ensure it was communicating and began capturing real-time audio for operators to assess, along with the device’s location coordinates. Other features include a rip-cord alarm. If it is grabbed from the user’s neck or belt clip, it automatically generates an alarm. It can also be used as a management tool by pre-programming to give the office regular reports on field workers through concise 30-second audio clips. The ID badge’s features are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Lynne believes this ID badge safety solution will save lives. “We will come to your office, plant, or home anytime to determine your needs and build a protection plan for you,” she told me. “When people see how this easy-to-use device works and understand the fully customizable level of protection it offers, they are sold. They immediately begin thinking of ways the ID can work for them.”

Overall, Reliant ERS is focused on becoming a household name in the Carolinas and surrounding territories. The division is making steps toward being visible in the local communities first because of the founding family’s roots in the area. “It is essential to support those who have supported our success over several generations. This area has so much to offer, and my goal is to see it thrive,” Caroline said. “We will continue to add young talent to our team, expand Reliant’s offerings, and stay focused on our contributions to the safety of our community.”


Reliant ERS
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More info available on ID Badge

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