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Carolina West Wireless

Carolina West Wireless

By Kristie Darling

Cover photo by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Grace McLaurin, PA-C
and co-owner of Vitality (seated), Todd Hinceman, NP-C and co-owner, and Tammy Ryan, NP.

Right–Dr. McCoy Moretz, medical director and partner of Vitality Surgical Center

Carolina West Wireless

Carolina West Wireless


Carolina West Wireless fully understands that top quality products with value and competitive pricing, leveraging their local presence in the community, and placing people first, both their own employees and their customers, are key factors in the company’s success. In fact, the company’s core values include these Four Foundational Pillars of Success: Network, Value, Local, People. By focusing on these basics, the sales and service teams at Carolina West Wireless are poised to continue making wireless voice and data plans easy and affordable for individuals, families, and small businesses in our region.

“As the Catawba Valley market continues to grow, we must ensure that our networks grow to meet the demand. We continue to invest heavily in the Catawba Valley area by adding additional sites and equipment to meet our customers’ increasing coverage, capacity, and data throughput demands,” according to Dave Zylka, chief technology officer.

“We’re a local company with a nation-wide service area. Here, there, or wherever you go, our network will serve your needs. Today, unlimited voice and texting service is often a given, but current customers want large amounts of high speed data wherever they travel,” said Todd Elledge, director of marketing. The company’s confidence in their network is exemplified in their newest advertising tagline–Go Stay Connected.

The company has conducted in-depth consumer research and knows exactly what people are looking for—national coverage at hometown prices supported by the latest 4G LTE technology, which is critical. Carolina West Wireless has been the premier wireless provider for over 25 years in western North Carolina, and their expansive 4G LTE network secures that position.

Value comes in several forms at Carolina West Wireless. So what’s first in value? Top-quality, name brand products. The latest devices and products are offered at very competitive prices. Smartphones, including the newest iPhones and Androids, phones with special features and tablets from valued brands, home services, and accessories can be purchased and activated. The second value is in service and data plans designed to meet your specific needs. “We don’t over sell,” Todd continued, “but rather, we listen to what your lifestyle says about your data requirements and recommend a plan with all you need but not extras you’ll never use and don’t need to pay for.”

So, if you’re in need of a new device, Carolina West Wireless has them. You’ll find many next-generation options in Carolina West Wireless stores and retailers. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are recent additions to the company’s smart phone selection, with iPhone X on its way. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are also on the shelves. In addition, they have the latest iPads as part of their tablet lineup. “We’re excited to offer these next-generation devices to our customers,” said Jackie Mallory, chief marketing and sales officer. “With unbeatable customer service, competitive rate plans, and our robust network, customers will be able to fully enjoy all of the new features of any new device they purchase.” Carolina West Wireless will help you move your service by reimbursing early termination fees and device payoffs. A new e-commerce website has launched to make it easy to shop online and manage your account…www.carolinawest.com.

Partnering with a locally owned and operated wireless company has many advantages for customers. Many customers regularly go into Carolina West Wireless stores to pay their bills, and that gives Carolina West Wireless one more opportunity to be neighbor-to-neighbor friendly and provide one-on-one time and attention. “An important part of who we are is being local—we’re part of our communities’ landscape,” Todd said. “We live and work in the areas we serve. Our customers are our neighbors, friends, and family, and we believe in developing lasting relationships, not just making sales. We take delivering an exceptional customer experience very seriously.”

Local also means participating in and giving back to the community. “Carolina West Wireless takes pride in being a strong community partner,” Todd said. “We have a successful school donation program called Communication 4 Education where customers choose a school to support. We then donate 3% of their service charge each month to their school at no additional charge to the customer. Since the program’s inception, we’ve donated over $500,000 to local schools. Last month we completed a book drive campaign to support School Superintendent Dr. Robbie Adell’s Book Bus program benefiting Hickory Public Schools in promoting childhood literacy. Closely tied to the education cause is the Catawba Science Center where we are a premier sponsor. We’re also proud sponsors of Lenoir Rhyne’s and Appalachian State’s athletics programs and the Hickory Crawdads, all community minded organizations.”

“At Carolina West Wireless, it is a core part of our mission to give back to the communities we serve. This is just one example of how we support our local community,” said Slayton Stewart, CEO of Carolina West Wireless.

Businesses and families appreciate keeping their money here in the community just by choosing their local wireless provider. You don’t see this level of community involvement with national providers. Carolina West Wireless is active in supporting all communities it serves. “It’s who we are.”

“When it comes to personality, passion, purpose, and values, the core of who I am aligns perfectly with the role I’ve held as associate director of sales for the past year. I wake up every day with a fire in the belly excited to see what a difference our company can make,” David Washco told me. “It’s not lost on me that my position with Carolina West Wireless allows me to work and serve where I’ve lived almost 30 years. The ability to leverage my existing business network to support and lift up my community, as well as help make Carolina West Wireless a success, is a huge blessing.”

At Carolina West Wireless, people come first. Customers benefit from this approach and realize that the company’s commitment to their satisfaction differentiates Carolina West Wireless from larger providers. Employees enjoy doing business with friends and neighbors, helping families and businesses get the wireless technology they need and desire. “What I love most about working for Carolina West Wireless is the passion the company has for our communities,” Todd shared. “Cultivating a customer and community centered approach to business is rewarding, every day.”

If shopping local is important to you, if you’re looking for value and friendly customer sales and service by a successful wireless phone company, and if you appreciate an exceptional shopping experience for top-of-the-line products, then go no further than Carolina West Wireless. You will appreciate their very competitive pricing, their professional sales teams, and responsive customer service. You will be well served at Carolina West Wireless. Visit www.carolinawest.com for details. It’s a step you want to take.

Carolina West Wireless

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