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Hickory Weight Loss

Hickory Weight Loss

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Jennie Garcia, weight loss coach, and husband Dalan Garcia, PA-C, with Hickory Weight Loss

Right–Hickory Weight Loss offers medical HCG weight loss programs that are fast, safe, and effective. Mandy and Darryl are great examples of the successful results they are achieving with their patients.

Hickory Weight Loss


“I could barely walk, just taking a few steps was hard,” Darryl Miller told me. “My knees were taking a beating, and I was a sure candidate for knee replacement. I knew I couldn’t keep going like this. I was referred to Dalan Garcia at Hickory Weight Loss to lose weight before surgery, but what I found there was better than that—weight loss that was quick, easy, and much better than going under the knife. I lost 40 pounds the first month, and that gave me motivation to stay with it. I started going to the gym, using the bike and the treadmill, and after starting at 423 pounds just last April, getting to 301 now has been a lifesaver.” Darryl’s wife, Shawn, has been losing weight at Hickory Weight Loss, as well. Together they’ve lost 161 pounds. They have discovered that the key is learning to become consistent and make good choices. Through the medical HCG weight loss program, Darryl and Shawn’s weight loss success has been life changing and life saving.

You don’t need to read statistics about obesity in this country; you just need to do some people-watching. Or maybe some soul-searching.

According to North Carolina’s Eat Smart, Move More program, about two-thirds of us are overweight or obese, and in childhood obesity, North Carolina ranks fifth worst in the United States. Of the ten leading causes of death, four are related to obesity—heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Think about that…there is something we can do—lose weight—that will help us prevent an early death. And, in getting there, we’ll begin to feel better from the very start.

“We offer a safe and effective approach to a staggering national problem; even more important, it’s a very personal approach to a personal problem,” Dalan Garcia explained. Dalan is a certified physician assistant with six years’ experience in the medical field. “Before I decided to open Hickory Weight Loss and help people like Darryl and Shawn, my professional experience was in orthopedic medicine, working with patients who needed hip and knee replacements. I saw first-hand the debilitating effects of obesity in patients’ lives. I’ve seen individuals—and families—return to good health, improved fitness, and a more comfortable, active life by developing new habits and making better choices. With the addition of our weight loss programs and personal coaching, it’s certainly a challenge, but it really isn’t that hard. And, our patients all say it is well worth it.”

Anyone who has ever lost weight knows that support is critical. Medical HCG injections, along with individual counseling and life-style change education, are among the most effective and quickest support programs available. At Hickory Weight Loss, testimonials of patients who participated in the 6 Week Rapid Weight Loss program include 30+ pound successful weight loss…that’s in a month and a half, and very often from men and women in the 50+ age range. Pounds lost also cause a critical change in measurements that doctors want us to improve—metabolic parameters such as body mass index (BMI), blood glucose, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. A reduction in these parameters is a result of weight loss and a clear indicator of better health. “We’ve seen people come off insulin injections, eliminate some medications, and improve blood pressure by losing weight and increasing their activity level,” Dalan shared. “These are important changes—results of a healthy diet and losing weight.”

What are HCG injections? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone released by pregnant women that targets stubborn fat deposits, converting them into usable energy. When coupled with a low-calorie diet, HCG injections promote rapid weight loss. “Despite the hormone’s origin, it is highly effective in men and women who typically find they can lose from one to three pounds a day,” Dalan said. “Of course, results may vary, but it’s effective for people who need to lose weight quickly to prepare for surgery or who are having significant joint pain.”

By providing the body with extra energy, HCG injections help you burn between 1,500 to 4,000 calories a day. “In spite of the low-calorie diet, HCG keeps people feeling full and comfortable,” Dalan continued. “We make sure our patients understand the diet plan to follow and spend time with each person to support their journey. Our patients are like family, and we become their cheerleaders—we’re all about their success.”

Ketogenic weight loss has been in the news a lot lately, but most of us don’t have a clue where to begin. With that said, it’s worth talking to Dalan, and his wife, Jennie, about Hickory Weight Loss’ Keto Quest program. Jennie is a weight loss coach, and she can explain how weight loss through ketosis works and provide top-quality Quest Nutrition protein products to supplement the protein favorites you include in low carb meals. The program also includes LIPO-B12 injections that help regulate insulin, keep you in ketosis, and give you an added energy boost. “We encourage a 30-minute exercise routine, and our partnership with 9Round Kickbox Gym really helps patients keep that up,” Jennie said. “With Keto Quest and exercise, you will lose weight and keep it off, which is so important.”

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is not a high-protein diet, per se, it simply offers a wide variety of tasty, high quality protein-based foods that supplement your low carb meal plan and the life-style coaching you get at Hickory Weight Loss.

Quick and easy meals and snacks are sometimes a challenge while following a low carb, low sugar program. Ideal Protein products from Hickory Weight Loss help you make great choices and keep you on track. There are over 60 protein products that are convenient and satisfy your sweet and salty cravings, such as breakfast selections, puddings, wafers, shakes and desserts, chewy bars, fruity drinks, soups, pasta, condiments, and even gluten free choices. Another helpful, delicious support system for your new lifestyle.

As a complement to the weight loss programs at Hickory Weight Loss, Dalan offers pain management treatment options to help patients get back to their everyday activities and enjoy the things they love to do. He also offers BOTOX therapy for men and women who want a younger looking appearance and smoother skin. Hormone therapy for men whose blood tests indicate low testosterone levels can improve low energy and low libido. And, Hickory Weight Loss offers free consultations on all services, quick in and out weigh-ins, and free weigh-ins for maintenance and support.
Darryl and Shawn are just two examples of hundreds of success stories that play out everyday at Hickory Weight Loss, and they are the first to recommend Dalan and Jennie’s great counseling. If looking and feeling amazing, improving your self-esteem and emotional stability, increasing your energy level and enjoying activities you once loved, sleeping better, getting into stylish new clothes with ease, and lessening pain in your joints and back aren’t enough, remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson once said—The first wealth is health. Consider investing in yours today with a call to Hickory Weight Loss at (828) 358-0000. Your questions will be answered and support readily offered. This could be the start of a healthy new you!

Hickory Weight Loss
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