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Vitality Surgical Center

Vitality Surgical Center

By Kristie Darling

Cover photo by Michael Allen Creative
Photos on Right by Shane Greene

On the cover–Vitality Surgical Center brings the Beverly Hills VIP experience to Moretz Mills. Pictured Dr. Moretz and
Dr. Edween

Right–With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Moretz specializes in innovative and revolutionary cosmetic procedures.

Surgical RN Shellie Bumgarner, Dr. Mac Moretz, and Brandie Finger, surgical coordinator

Vitality Surgical Center

Vitality Surgical Center


Starting to look and feel like all your VITALITY has left you? Constantly worried that your got-it-all-put-together look doesn’t look so put-together anymore? Would you like the vision you present to the world to match your outlook on life? Health and vitality—a sense of complete wellbeing—means that you feel alive on the inside and look alive on the outside. You have energy, sparkle, passion, and that get-up-and-go feeling that defines vitality.

Enter Vitality Surgical Center and you immediately feel a positive energy. “The professional surgical team at Vitality brings to our area one of the most talented aesthetic plastic surgery and wellness practices in the country,” shared Grace McLaurin. Grace is a partner and medical provider at Vitality. “Straight from Beverly Hills to Hickory, Dr. McCoy Moretz and Dr. Julie Edween are some of the most highly regarded and sought-after surgeons in the aesthetics business. You can now enjoy the benefits of their experience and top-quality surgical talents and skills without an airline ticket to the West Coast.”

“Aesthetics means concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty,” Grace continued. “So, aesthetic surgery focuses on those procedures that enhance and improve the look of our body, our face and, of course, our sense of overall wellbeing. We see remarkable, life changing results in our patients.”


Dr. McCoy Moretz

I met with Dr. Moretz to find out what his work as an aesthetic surgeon involves. He is a calm, friendly man who obviously knows his stuff. “I believe we add ‘total rejuvenation’ through our surgical practice to Vitality Anti-Aging’s many offerings. Vitality Anti-Aging is the medical spa and aesthetics side of the Center,” Dr. Moretz explained. “We can have a defining impact on a person’s life—an improved personal feeling of self-satisfaction, enhanced self-esteem, with more ease and comfort in their life. I see this after surgery all the time: a more positive attitude and pride that, ‘I’m doing this to look better, to take better care of myself.’ After our work, people blossom like flowers.”

Dr. Moretz is a Newton native who says he is “thrilled to be back home bringing his state-of-the-art techniques to our area.” As medical director and partner at Vitality Surgical Center, Dr. Moretz spends about half his time here in Hickory, specializing in innovative, cosmetic facial and body contouring procedures. When he’s not here, he performs surgery at F.A.C.E of Beverly Hills, the practice he founded in 2007, or in practices in China. Due to his skill, artistry, and innovative techniques and procedures, he has become a go-to for the who’s who of Hollywood, treating many patients from the film, television, fashion, and entertainment world—stars you know and love! His specialties blend Western surgical techniques with traditional oriental and herbal medicines. Dr. Moretz serves as an expert consultant with well-known TV shows, such as Hollywood Insider, E!, and Dr. 90210…Hollywood isn’t that far away anymore.

Dr. Julie Edween
With a focus on aesthetic cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Julie Edween incorporates the newest techniques in non-surgical rejuvenation. Patients have come to appreciate her female perspective, a keen attention to detail, and meticulous surgical expertise. She has attracted patients from across the US and around the world. Through her practice and consulting, both in Hickory and Beverly Hills, Dr. Edween empowers women in their understanding that your beauty is uniquely yours, not something set by the media or society. She follows her own good advice and is a model for living a healthy life.

“A smile is the best makeup any woman can wear,” Dr. Edween believes. “I can help you attain the body and face you have always wanted. I’ve worked with thousands of women, and men, in my 25-year practice, and I feel it’s important to always answer questions honestly and recommend procedures that suit you, individually, that will bring out the confidence behind your smile.”

Sharing time between her practice in Beverly Hills and here in Hickory at Vitality, Dr. Edween’s uncompromising standards and expert surgical skills are balanced by her warm and approachable style. She has been showcased on Discovery Channel’s Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills and The Learning Channel’s Bodywork, and has been an academic lecturer in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery nationwide.

Dr. David Feldmar will join Vitality Surgical Center in 2019. His surgery specialties link cosmetic plastic surgery that enhances face and body with life-saving general and reconstructive surgery. “The best part about being a surgeon is my patients. I enjoy being able to help people become their best self,” Dr. Feldmar says. His reputation as a skilled, compassionate surgeon is well known—in Beverly Hills, he has a respected following of very satisfied patients. I suspect that distinction will build here in Hickory, too.

“The key to our successful outcomes,” Dr. Moretz said, “is our high-quality, high-tech approach to cosmetic surgery. When I speak with a patient about any procedure, I only recommend those well-proven and best suited to her body and her desired outcome. For instance, we are unique in using minimally invasive VASER Lipo, a big improvement on the liposuction people have heard about in the past. We use this technique because it is a safer, more desirable alternative for eliminating stubborn fat deposits—you can achieve that rippled athletic six-pack look—that creates the best results, with speedier recovery.” VASER Lipo more gently removes fat cells from almost anywhere on the body—abdomen, torso, arms, thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks, and even your shoulders, neck and face; truly sculpting your body.

The surgeons at Vitality offer a menu of services that can make life-changing improvements from head to toe: neck, face and eyebrow lifts; ear and nose surgery; drooping eyelids; breast augmentation, lifts, and reduction; tummy tucks; Brazilian butt lifts; a combination that targets post pregnancy body concerns called mommy makeovers; scar revision; and fat transfers.

Fat transfer uses your own fat removed with VASER Lipo and reinjects the liquid fat into an area that will benefit from it, like the face, breast, and buttocks. The use of this organic natural filler has the longest lasting and best-looking results. Components of your own body, such as plasma rich platelets, your own high quality stem cells and hormones, make fat transfer the procedure of choice. And, it’s less expensive than fillers.

“Safety is our number one concern, that, and excellent patient outcomes,” Dr. Edween shared. “People know our reputation for quality work and our compassionate staff. We often see patients from out of town, and if they need someone to stay with them after surgery, we’ll arrange for that. We can set up and cover expenses for an overnight stay, when needed.”

Vitality Surgical Center is a convenient, welcoming place to achieve rejuvenation easily and comfortably. If you have ever wanted to make improvements to your looks, health, and self-esteem, call for a consultation. Get your questions answered by caring, reputable professionals who are at the top of their game. They have helped so many achieve a beautiful new look, better health, and perhaps a new dress size! Questions are free…results are priceless.

Vitality Surgical Center
74 8th Street SE, Suite 101 • Hickory

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