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Dr. Jenette T. Swisher

Dr. Jenette T. Swisher

By Kristie Darling
Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Dr. Jenette T. Swisher

Right–The Staff of Swisher Skin and Laser Center,
Swisher Internal Medicine, and WAXmd

Left: Swisher Skin and Laser Center Staff
Front row– Emma Gregory, esthetician;
Lanie Tucker, receptionist;
Back row–Dr. Jenette Swisher, owner;
Jessica Stevenson, PA-C, injector and laser specialist;
Elena Willging, LE, RN, esthetician and injector;
Adair Bowman, MS, manager

Dr. Jenette T. Swisher

Dr. Jenette T. Swisher


“At each of my businesses, we aim to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives,” Dr. Jenette Swisher shared as she gave me tours through her three Hickory enterprises. Since 2007, Dr. Swisher has built a respected name for herself as the medical director and primary healthcare provider at Swisher Internal Medicine. She opened WAXmd in 2017 and, seven months ago, when she opened Swisher Skin and Laser Center, she expanded into a field that both her new and long-time clients feel adds a new dimension to health and self-care. “When you look your best, you feel your best…you become a more confident person.” With high quality services, expert staff, great customer care, and fabulous facilities, the Swisher Brand is impressive indeed.


“Swisher Internal Medicine was my first baby, and everything we’ve accomplished since 2007 has sprung from that,” Dr. Swisher said. Her goal has always been a medical practice focused on excellent quality healthcare where patients can develop long-term, comfortable relationships with their doctor and other providers in a relaxing setting. She and her staff of nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and office administrators approach healthcare with a focus on health promotion, disease prevention, healthy lifestyle, and healthy eating. “Some people only see a doctor when they’re sick, and young people these days just go to urgent care or the ER,” she continued. “We encourage everyone to establish a primary care physician who will help you maintain good health by focusing on preventive habits, and in the process, get to know you so you can avoid illness and urgent cares and hopefully, have a longer, healthier life.”

Caring for anyone over 18, sick or healthy, is what internal medicine is about. Swisher Internal Medicine services include annual checkups, allergy testing and immunotherapy, cancer screenings, weight loss program, immunizations, managing chronic conditions like COPD, high blood pressure or diabetes, and acute sicknesses like sore throat, fever, infections, intestinal problems, injuries, and more.

Dr. Swisher’s second business was born of both necessity and innovation, and you will experience her consistently high standards in service, staff, and products here. WAXmd is an upscale waxing studio that Dr. Swisher was inspired to open because she was tired of waiting for summer trips to the beach to get waxing. “No one was doing this around here, and I knew people wanted a convenient place to go. We are the first and only specialized waxing studio in Hickory. There are so many benefits of waxing on a regular basis, and once a year wasn’t getting it,” she shared.

Dr. Swisher explained that if you shave, waxing is a healthier, better option. WAXmd specializes not only in bikini waxing but also around the eyes—waxing brows and tinting and extending lashes! “Eyebrow waxing and lash extensions are an art at WAXmd,” Dr. Swisher said with a smile. “Extensions, shaping, tints, laminations, curls, and lifts will make your eyes pop. Latisse can help your lashes grow, thicken, and darken. Some women just need some improvements to their eyes and can skip applying makeup.” WAXmd’s aestheticians and cosmetologists know the best brow shape for your features, and they can easily wax your lip, cheeks, and even hairline.

At WAXmd, “you name it, we can wax it.” Backs, legs, underarms and arms, chest, abdomen, even feet and toes! “Bikini and Brazilian waxing are specialties, and once you try it, you won’t go back to a razor,” Dr. Swisher told me. “You just feel so clean and fresh.” Waxing is best for maintaining healthy skin, and each treatment gets easier. You can set an appointment for any of the three types of bikini waxes: bikini line, bikini full, and Brazilian. Check the website for details,

“I trust Dr. Swisher’s clinical knowledge and appreciate her unique, personal approach,” Paula Walker told me. “This is the best thing I do for myself—I’m always pleased with the results.” Paula sees Dr. Swisher for an array of services, including cosmetic injections, hair thinning, and female rejuvenation. Her hairdresser recently commented about her thicker hair after Keravive treatments, and Paula gave me rave reviews on the results she’s seen after just three Vitalia treatments…she said her quality of life has improved.

At Swisher Skin and Laser Center, Dr. Swisher helps people feel better from the outside in. “I’m excited to add Swisher Skin and Laser Center’s offerings to our mix of health and beauty services,” Dr. Swisher said. “We’re just seven months in, and we’re seeing excellent results.” Dr. Swisher’s most popular services are facial fillers and injections (Juvéderm and Botox), skin-firming treatments (TempSure), and laser skin rejuvenation services, like photofacials, as well as laser hair removal and a full menu of quality skincare services and products.

With these great services conveniently available in Hickory (learn more at swisherskin.com) Dr. Swisher and her team of certified professionals address the issues that can affect a healthy, positive outlook. A free consultation will give you personalized recommendations and treatment plan to address issues that bother you most. “I listen carefully when people tell me what they want to fix or improve, and we start there.”

Dr. Swisher and staff expertly inject Botox and dermal fillers to restore volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. Lift your cheeks, achieve plumper lips, get a non-surgical brow lift, or even a chin augmentation with Juvéderm fillers. Eliminate forehead lines, crows’ feet, and the “dreaded 11s” between your brows with Botox. Look in the mirror…if you’re bothered by your lines and wrinkles, give these injections a try!

Does your skin need tightening? TempSure is like a painless, non-surgical 20-minute face lift with excellent results. This state-of-the-art treatment emits radio frequency waves deep into the skin. It stimulates collagen production and tightens face and body—abdomen, above the knees, and behind the thighs. You can see smoothing results almost immediately and will continue with firmer skin for up to six weeks.

More than your skin can be rejuvenated. Women who experience painful intercourse can now request vaginal rejuvenation as well as skin tightening, wrinkle smoothing, or body contouring. “These are non-surgical, in-office techniques,” Dr. Swisher explained. “I use the TempSure Vitalia device to help woman achieve enhanced intimate health. It’s effective, painless, with no downtime.”

“You’ll also be happy to know that our hair loss treatment is quite effective,” Dr. Swisher continued. “Restoring hair growth can be life-changing—people feel so much better about themselves, they start doing more, going out, and enjoying life more,” Dr. Swisher shared. “I’m always amazed.”

PhotoFacial is a tried and true skin rejuvenation treatment that improves the effects of sun damage, Rosacea, fine lines, age spots, large pores, and more. Visit www.swisherskin.com for lots more.

With a true entrepreneurial spirit, Jenette Swisher has embraced important health and beauty services that benefit everyone. “I’m a doctor first,” she said, “and I won’t recommend something you don’t need or that wouldn’t benefit you. I truly believe in all services we offer. Each patient—each client—is an individual, and we treat everyone like family. I stay on top of technology, up-to-date research, and new, quality products. My staff is remarkable…I couldn’t do all this without them. My managers, Deena Suddreth at Swisher Internal and Adair Bowman at WAXmd and Swisher Skin, keep this all running smoothly and professionally. Together, we might plan on doing even more!”


Swisher Internal Medicine
30 13th Avenue NW, Hickory
(828) 324-0100

2923 N Center Street, Hickory
(828) 838-1441

Swisher Skin and Laser Center
20 13th Avenue NW, Hickory
(828) 838-1184

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