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Pure Reflection Spa for Wellness

Pure Reflection Spa for Wellnes

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene

On the cover–Dr. Vickie Lovin, owner and medical director of Pure Reflection Spa for Wellness

Right–Pure Reflection Staff,
from left to right,
First row–Isabel Juarez, Lidia Sarabia, Ginger Wise,
Dr. Lovin, Ashley Mullis
Second row–Jennifer Sarabia, Hesper Jones,
Robin Holland, Ashton Burrell

Robin Holland performing a microblading procedure.

Pure Reflection Spa for Wellnes

Pure Reflection Spa for Wellnes


From an expert, and a woman I respect, I received this best, first advice for 2019: “Just remember that aging is not a problem, it is a privilege.” This, from a physician, an OBGYN, in fact, who has made her life’s work helping women feel their best—so they can look their best—and be their best. Dr. Vickie Lovin has been in private practice since 1985, opened A Woman’s View in 1996, and, since 1997, has been owner and medical director of Pure Reflection Spa for Wellness in Hickory. She understands that all women think about aging and are concerned about the changes they see happening to their bodies. However, Dr. Lovin tries to reassure women that though their concerns are real and can often be addressed and treated, sometimes the most important thing is self-confidence and a dose of tender loving care to really appreciate the years ahead with comfort and positive appreciation.

These days, women enjoy how we can enhance our health, wellness, beauty, and comfort in our own skin by visiting a favorite spa on a regular schedule. We cherish our time at the spa, because we leave refreshed and relaxed, ready to take on whatever comes next. If that’s being with family and friends, tackling a work project, preparing dinner, or enjoying intimate moments with a partner, spa time sets us up to move into those activities with positive anticipation. Spa time allows us to breathe.

MonaLisa Touch: What Is It?
At Pure Reflection, we begin to feel our best through relaxing massage and bodywork. We look our best with a more youthful appearance by treating ourselves to high quality face, skin, and body care treatments, products, and cosmetics. Sometimes, we need a bit more.

Mona Lisa Touch has successfully treated thousands of women since it was introduced in 2014. It is a laser treatment that can provide improved quality of life and much-desired relief of the symptoms of GSM, Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. Never heard of GSM? Many women know the symptoms all too well: vaginal dryness, itching, and irritation associated with decreased estrogen and other hormones during and beyond menopause. Painful intercourse can be a result. Most women don’t know there are safe and effective treatments for GSM, or they are too embarrassed to talk with their gynecologist about their symptoms. More than 90% don’t seek treatment. “Pain is the most common symptom that brings women in for vaginal laser therapy. It’s a life-changing treatment for many women,” Dr. Lovin told me, “and if their symptoms are those of GSM, it is effective for most. Vaginal laser therapy is a medical procedure that encourages new collagen growth and improves specific symptoms of GSM. It is a safe, non-hormonal option, including for those who can’t take estrogen.”

Dr. Lovin hosts monthly seminars (the next ones are February 18 and March 12) to thoroughly explain the treatment and answer questions, but, in a nutshell, MonaLisa Touch is a quick, painless, simple treatment. The results after a couple treatments are increased moisture and decreased pain and discomfort without perceivable changes to the tissue. “The changes are microscopic,” Dr. Lovin explained. “There’s no downtime, and many women have relief after one treatment; most after their second.” Three, five-minute, in-office treatments are initially scheduled about a month apart, and an annual treatment is recommended for maintenance. “The seminar is very informative, she went over everything,” one patient said. “Dr. Lovin showed us the instrument she uses and explained the whole procedure. I’ve had amazing results.” Dr. Lovin can explain how MonaLisa Touch is different from elective, cosmetic treatments to enhance sexual satisfaction. Women who attend Dr. Lovin’s seminar receive special pricing for their treatments.

Dr. Lovin trained with Dr. Mickey Karram, director of urogynecology at The Christ Hospital in Ohio. “If it wasn’t for Dr. Karram’s endorsement and enthusiasm of this treatment, I wouldn’t have been so eager to offer it,” Dr. Lovin said. “He’s very well respected, with an excellent reputation in this field.”

Lay Back and Just Relax!
When I think about going to the spa, it’s often for massage. Isabel Juarez is a licensed cosmetologist and spa manager, and she told me about massage therapies: “You might not think bamboo is a massage tool, but we’re getting rave reviews about warm bamboo massage, something new here. It’s similar to Swedish massage, but by using a special piece of heated bamboo in the same smooth rhythm, we can get deeper, broader pressure with less pain that some people experience. We really get the kinks and knots out.” Warm bamboo is a full-body massage.

The Pure Indulgence massage, the Spa’s signature luxury, pampers you to the max. The one-hour Swedish massage takes you to La-La land and back. Warm paraffin hand, foot, and back treatments leave your skin moisturized and soft. People with arthritis love it. “We include shower-less body exfoliation with a scrub,” Isabel explained. “It’s perfect for anyone who needs a staycation pamper session!”

Reflexology is massaging specific points on the feet and ankles to promote optimal organ function throughout the body. Warm stones are placed on key pressure points in hot stone massage. Sports and prenatal massage and healing lymphatic drainage are fine-tuned to each individual’s condition.

Consider a couples’ Valentine’s massage. The Be Mine, February’s special, will please you both…a Pure Indulgence massage with a chocolate back scrub, chocolate covered strawberries, and champagne. A gift certificate to Pure Reflection Spa is always special. One of several seasonal facials, February’s is rose infused for pure bliss and rejuvenation. Check Facebook all year for the special of the month!

For the best results, getting a facial regularly is recommended. “HydraFacial is a hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously,” Isabel explained. “We see clearer, more beautiful skin with all our HydraFacials. They’re specialized for different conditions, with various prices.” The list of facial types is extensive—check the website. Masks, peels, treatments for blemishes or breakouts, eye and lip treatments will all help you feel better and look better.

If you are thinking about age and its accompanying spots, wrinkles, and hair, please call for a consultation about IPL, a one-of-a-kind intense pulse light treatment that can treat a variety of skin conditions with just one amazing machine. “It’s so versatile,” Isabel said. “This one, hand-held device removes hair, lightens age spots and pigmentation, improves wrinkles, and facial and leg veins.”

Waxing, permanent makeup, and makeovers—including bridal makeovers, ladies—and more are on the menu. With Botox, let Dr. Lovin guide you…she takes “a go slow, less is more approach—a plastic look is never your best!” The spa’s experienced, licensed estheticians can evaluate your complexion and recommend products to improve the health and look of your skin to give you a more youthful, smooth look. They would never let you go without explaining the importance and necessity of sun protection!

A quiet and restful get-away, Pure Reflection Spa is a treasure trove of personal improvements and special gifts for friends and family. “If you have never had a spa treatment, March is the time to treat yourself. For new clients, we’re offering 15% off all treatments in March,” said Dr. Lovin. “We’re a spa you can trust. We don’t sell hype, and we don’t push you to do more than needed.”

Thinking about reducing stress, tension, insomnia, or headaches? Relieving pain, unwinding, and getting energized for 2019 may be on your resolutions list. First stop? Pure Reflection Spa.

Pure Reflection Spa for Wellness
915 Tate Blvd. SE, Suite 174
Hickory, NC

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