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HealthSmart Pharmacy

HealthSmart Pharmacy

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–HealthSmart Pharmacy in Claremont has been family-owned for four generations. Pictured, Andrea Busbee Ramsey and Pharmacist In Charge, Lauren DeBerry, PharmD

Right–Lauren checking a prescription to make sure it is
current before filling it.

Kristan Sigmon, CPht helping a customer at the drive through.



HealthSmart Pharmacy

HealthSmart Pharmacy


“’Tis the season,” Andrea Ramsey said when we started talking about the family-owned pharmacy she has managed for 20 years. “This time of year, and especially this year, everyone wants to know their health is taken care of. Flu season is upon us, so we can give flu shots, shingles and pneumonia immunizations, and swab for strep or flu. It’s Medicare enrollment time again, and we can help you learn more about that. And, it’s always a good time to look over your medications to make certain they’re all compatible. We call that medication therapy management, and we’re glad to contact your doctors when we believe they might want to make an adjustment. Our customers know we’re here to answer any questions about meds, supplements, and OTC products because we want you to understand their instructions and any side-effects you might experience. These are important aspect of being health smart that our team in your pharmacy can help you manage. COVID-19 has added a new layer of concern, of course, but there are many ways we work to keep you safe and healthy.”

Andrea and I started off talking about HealthSmart’s new delivery service and the pharmacy’s drive-through pick up window. Delivery is free, can go beyond Catawba County for prescription customers, can happen same-day, and it’s a godsend during these days of social distancing and home schooling. And driving through isn’t just for burgers. Staying in your car when you need to pick up your prescriptions or OTC items is smart anytime.

“It’s the personal attention to detail we offer that keeps folks coming back,” Andrea said, “We know our customers personally because we’ve been here for them, their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents in some instances,” Andrea continued. “We’ve seen babies become college students, parents, and senior citizens. Over the years, that’s a lot of vaccinations, cough syrup, aspirin, and antibiotics!” Andrea knows all this because she is fourth generation at HealthSmart. “My dad is here a couple days a week now, but he is definitely still here,” Andrea said with a smile. “Anyone who’s been coming to us for their medicine and personal supplies knows about him and the legacy of this pharmacy. My dad, Bob, his father, John, and grandfather, P. L. Ezell—going back to Central Drug Company in the early 1900s and Busbee’s Pharmacy in 1953—built a reputation for exceptional customer service, high quality products, and a personal connection with the community.”

This unique business model of a pharmacy and drug store co-mingled with an up-scale boutique was Bob Busbee’s brainstorm. After I met with Andrea, I spent time wandering around; I bought a couple things I needed! Her displays are beautiful, warm collections of items we’re always looking for. If you really care for quality and choice, start here for some good stuff!

Big signs make it easy to surf the store. To make sure I don’t miss anything, here’s an alphabetical list of what you can shop at HealthSmart: all around care for Babies, Beauty, Feet, Hair, Hands, Kids, Men, Nails, Oral, and Skin. The products here are top quality and unique—some you won’t find elsewhere. They’re in demand, current trends. For instance, skin care brands include Image Skin care, a natural and effective line founded by an aesthetician on the principles of simplicity, value, and clinically proven results for all skin types. Glo Skin Beauty Mineral makeup and skin care products are professional quality, PETA approved, and recommended for women of all ages for a younger, healthier, more beautiful look. Skin Owl health and beauty products are all natural, 100% vegan, cruelty/fragrance/gluten free. A results-driven company, Skin Owl will impress you with its positive outlook on life.

Hair and nail care, baby and kid’s care, hand and foot care products are all healthy for you at HealthSmart. I was impressed with the top-of-the-line men’s care products by Jack Black. You won’t find these face/shave/body/hair products at the chains, but it’s well worth a quick trip to HealthSmart to pick up something—it’s for men who want to be their best, personal hygiene-wise. Collections like Defensive Line Anti-Aging Triple Play and Mr. Fresh are a good start.

It’s fun and easy to shop for holiday gifts at HealthSmart with lines like Corkcicle, Canteen, Yo Sox, and Bops Jewelry—run by women who make a difference in the world by giving back. Other selections include candles, makeup brushes and mirrors, bath soaps, salts, and scrubs, journals, simple, refreshing toys for babies and treasures for kids, teens, and seniors alike. You’ll find striking décor pieces, rustic signs with today’s favorite sayings, snacks and goodies, gift wrapping stuff, and more. Shopping is a pleasure here!

The kiosk where I made a an instant print of a photo on my phone was easy and fun. I could have made a dozen personal gifts right then by plugging in and choosing the size I wanted, maybe adding frame or text, and printing out singles or multiples. Think instant school photos for grandparents, just add a frame!

All that you might need in a drug store you’ll find at HealthSmart. Specialty customer services you don’t even know about support the health of our community every day.

Prescription management is critical. MedSync, does that—syncs your refills to one monthly trip. Text or email your refill requests on the app. Your profile and list of medications are there to review.

RxPacks are a free benefit at HealthSmart. A 28-day medication supply comes on a tear-off blister pack, dosed and marked with date and time—morning, noon, supper, bedtime—for easy dispensing. “One couple’s 80-year-old-mom lives alone. She gets her meds this way each month,” said Lauren DeBerry, pharmacist in charge. “It’s easy; she takes everything as she should. Her children live out of town, and they don’t worry about Mom taking what she needs, when she needs it.” The pharmacy offers specialized compounding and accurate bottles filled by an amazing robot that gets it right the first time.

For some, dealing with insurance coverage and medication costs is a challenge. “Along with medication management, we also help with Medicare Part D,” Lauren said. “Your meds list is already in our computer, so we can easily compare insurance plans to ensure yours covers what you’re taking. We take all insurances. An in-the-background service is searching for generic alternatives or coupons without patients even asking…some coupons could save up to $40 at retail. This really impresses our customers.”

You don’t need to drive to the big city for your health and personal care needs. It’s all under one roof! This professional team has carefully chosen product lines in health, beauty, and wellness so shopping is fun, easy, and stress-free! Their level of customer care is truly in line with their quality health care.

Enjoy the large selection of gifts and unique, top-trending products that boast natural, organic ingredients and encourage a holistic approach to good, clean health. You will be well served at HealthSmart Pharmacy. Don’t hesitate to stop in or make an appointment…questions are free!

HealthSmart Pharmacy
3119 N Oxford Street • Claremont, NC

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