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Physicans Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

Physicans Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Front row–Sally Annas, medical esthetican; Shaffney Beaver, clinical director; Kelly Mercer, medical esthetican
Back Row–Jill Cline, clinical coordinator; Kelsey Stodden, clinical assistant; Thaedra Robinson, clinical assistant

Right–Nutritional coaches
Thaedra, Shaffney, Kelsey, and Jill offer a variety of over 200 products in their health food market!

Kelly Mercer, medical esthetician, performs laser hair removal

Physicans Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

Physicans Plan Weight Loss + Wellness


“I get asked all the time, ‘What do you do at Physician’s Plan?’” Shaffney Beaver told me as she gave me a tour. “It’s really simple. Weight loss is where we start, and a one-to-one approach is why this works. We pride ourselves on our success stories.” There are several components to the Plan, and they are easy to understand and follow, so you can achieve the results you want. Support, information, and guidance come together here.

Everyone who comes to Physician’s Plan is treated as a unique individual with specific reasons for wanting to lose weight and with their goals in mind. So that everyone is on the same page, you’ll begin by talking with a counselor and together find out what’s going on—why you made an appointment, what you’ve tried before, what you struggle with, what your goals are. Counselors at Physician’s Plan listen and ask the right questions—are you on a timeline for an upcoming wedding, vacation, or high school reunion? Do you have health issues that could be resolved or improved by losing weight? Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired? This conversation sets the basis for your personal plan going forward.

A health history, an assessment of health issues, and measurements of body composition, blood pressure, medications, height, weight, and age are done to ensure that your plan works best for you. One-to-one counseling follows, with the plan clearly explained, including protein, nutrient and calorie ranges, limited foods, and a plan—very important. “We explain everything we recommend and why we’re asking you to do this or that,” Shaffney continued. “We provide guidelines on grocery shopping, understanding nutritional labels, making good choices, menu ideas, recipes, supplements, and the convenient snacks, shakes, and meals we carry, although it certainly isn’t necessary to purchase any of our products. Buying all your own food works very well.”

Your counselor will recommend you keep a journal. You won’t know what’s going on if you don’t write it down, and your counselor surely won’t have a clue. You want her to know your eating habits and challenges, so she can give good advice and support focused on you. Your counselor will also know a bit about your lifestyle. She can help motivate you to make your way through vacations, holidays, birthdays, business lunches, getting all your hungry kids to all their activities every day, or whatever it is that you consider obstacles. For instance, some people just aren’t breakfast people, but if they knew how important that first meal can be throughout the day, they might give it a try and discover a new tool for keeping on track. Some people think their favorite snack works great for weight loss, only to discover through nutritional counseling that it really doesn’t—they will likely do better limiting that snack or giving it up. The value of counseling, journaling, and taking advantage of all that’s offered at Physician’s Plan can’t be overstated.

It is so important to have a full-time partner on your journey. You and your counselor might choose to begin with the six-day jump start plan for quick, safe results. Unlimited nutritional counseling and weekly weigh-ins are offered—included with your plan at no additional cost, and weigh-ins don’t need an appointment. In fact, walk-ins are welcome at Physician’s Plan. Delicious nutritional snacks, bars, and shakes that are low carb, low sugar, and high protein are readily available, if you’d like to supplement your pantry and the everyday foods you enjoy. “We let you sample our snacks and bars so you know it’s something you like,” Shaffney explained. “Our food options really help some patients who struggle with sweets or salty snack cravings keep to the plan.”

And, along with top-quality vitamins and supplements, Lipotropic Vitamin B-12 injections are offered. These injections contain vitamin B-12, B complex, and three lipotropic ingredients, all naturally found in your body. These are fat burners with many benefits when working on weight loss. They reduce fat storage, increase metabolism, reduce appetite, and your energy level goes up—what more could you want? Monthly specials, earning points, and special pricing round out your perks. Combined with the Physician’s Plan, you are good to go!

Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness is supervised by Dr. Christopher DiOrio, DO. He oversees the program at the seven Physician’s Plan locations—Hickory and Huntersville in North Carolina and five in South Carolina. Kim Uyak is director of operations. She is a certified nutritional counselor and has been with Physician’s Plan since its inception. “Seeing how many people we have helped is absolutely incredible,” she shared. “I believe in what we do, how we do it, and how important it is for our patients to achieve a healthier lifestyle for a better tomorrow.”

There are no contracts, there’s no added cost for counseling, and your visit can be a convenient in and out, or you can spend the time you need with your counselor to get your questions answered—whatever you need. “Our biggest losers might get close to 15 or 20 pounds a month…most lose about two to three pounds a week,” Shaffney continued. “We give you the tools you need to safely reach your goal, and we’re here for you while you’re making important changes to improve your looks and health, even after you reach your weight goal.”

“Sometimes, when you’re losing weight and exercising more—making physical changes—you might need a lift, some rejuvenation to go along with the new you,” Jill Cline, clinical coordinator told me. “Our medical aestheticians, Sally Annas and Kelly Mercer, are experienced, friendly, and fun to work with. We offer spa treatments and medical-grade products that will make you look and feel like new.”

After weight loss, Botox or Xeomin and fillers like Juvéderm or Radiesse can create a more youthful look to your face by diminishing wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and adding volume to plump your lips. Your cheeks, chin, and eyelashes can all be enhanced with top quality products like Voluma, Kybella, and Latisse. In addition to these aesthetic services for facial rejuvenation, Physician’s Plan offers several skin care treatments and product lines that you will love. Treat yourself to one of several types of facials—your aesthetician can recommend what will treat your concerns and complement your skin condition and type. And, if you’ve never had a facial before, I can attest to the wonderful state of relaxation that comes with it. You’ll look and feel great!

Laser treatments are non-invasive, affordable, and they fight the effects of aging, leaving you smoother and more radiant. Obagi Medical and Skin Medica skin care products are among the very best to reduce age spots, discoloration, and rough skin. Chemical peels, waxing, microneedling, and dermaplaning are offered. There’s more information and pricing on the website, www.physiciansplan.com, helpful for newbies who want to know how this all works.

With the combination of experience, success, and dedicated, knowledgeable professionals, Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness is at the top in their field. Give them a call, and set up an appointment. Begin your journey to weight loss and wellness. This one easy step could change your life forever—for the better!


Physcian's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness
1706 Highway 70 SE • Hickory
(828) 485-2833

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