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Carolina Rehab Center of Burke

Carolina Rehab Center of Burke

By Kristie Darling

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Carolina Rehab Center of Burke’s Director of Rehabilitation Casey Baker, Director of Admissions and Marketing Amanda Duckworth, and Administrator Ashley Rader

Therapy Team
Front row–Gay Morton, PTA; Naomi McGee, COTA; Emily Deviney, COTA; Anna Hovis, PT
Back row–Casey Baker, director of rehab; Kelli Eggers, PTA; Jennifer Jordan, PTA; Tim Walker, PTA; Teresa Childers, rehab tech; Franky Newell, COTA; Krista Hinson, OT
Not pictured–John Lawrimore, PT; John Fields, OT; Maria Dunmore, COTA; Andrea Fite, SLP

Anna Hovis, PT, monitors Mary Smith in cybercycle treatment.

Carolina Rehab Center of Burke

Carolina Rehab Center of Burke


When we’re well and feeling fine, we take some things for granted. Physically, we can do the things we love, we feel safe and comfortable being active, and we go about our lives with enthusiasm. However, if we’ve been ill or had an accident or surgery, perhaps our ability to be productive has been diminished. We can’t do the things we need—and want—to be doing. We need to recover from what ails us. It can be a daunting task. This is where Carolina Rehab Center of Burke comes into the picture. This is where you want to be.

Where you invest your time and energy toward recovery is your choice. Recovery from illness, injury, or surgery isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. As with any challenge, recovery should be an achievement undertaken with the intention of success. The professional medical team at Carolina Rehab shares this approach in every treatment plan they develop for their patients and in all the tools they bring to the table. In fact, their shared goal is to begin your recovery program immediately, to focus on getting you back to your healthy self, and to return you to your home and work as soon as possible. “We are an aggressive, short-term rehab center, which means we want what you want—we want you back home, fast,” said Amanda Duckworth, admissions director. “We see ourselves as a temporary waypoint on your road to full recovery.”

The recovery programs at Carolina Rehab Center of Burke are comprehensively designed so you will quickly accomplish all your goals. With the largest world-class physical therapy gym in the Unifour area—fully furnished with state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment and highly trained therapists who work closely with you 24/7—and the exclusive LifeWorks Rehab program, your decision to recover here will reward you in multiple ways. One recent patient said it simply: “I came in unable to walk, but I left strong, on my own two feet.”

Imagine all that it would take to bring someone from debilitating illness, injury, or surgery to strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and a return to health and home. Now, realize that Carolina Rehab Center has all that it takes. The LifeWorks Rehab program is just that—a life-changing recovery program specifically designed to move you from hospital to home while accelerating your progress with specialized, trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and a culture of caring. “A key component of LifeWorks Rehab is our unique Recovery Map,” Casey Baker, rehab manager, explained. “Each patient follows their own recovery map, starting with the level of therapy they require when they come in—patients even keep their map on the wall in their room. Everyone on our staff, from doctors, nurses, therapists, and administrators are trained in the Recovery Map plan, so that we all share an understanding of what each person is working on, what needs to be accomplished next, and the successes that patient has accomplished. It’s highly motivating, easy to follow, and is supported in all supervised therapy.”

The LifeWorks program is unique to Carolina Rehab, and all of the Center’s outcome-driven, proven recovery programs are designed for each patient’s specific needs—it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Patients recovering from stroke, heart conditions, orthopedic and other surgeries, chronic respiratory conditions or pneumonia, as well as accident victims, work toward their goals with a Recovery Map customized to their specific needs. Going back home is always a priority.

“We are blessed to have in-house therapists here who are specialists in our LifeWorks program,” Casey said. “Patients see the same therapists regularly, and our therapists work very closely with the nursing staff toward a fully holistic, cohesive approach. Patients will receive up to three hours of therapy per day, including weekends. At Carolina Rehab, your assessment will take place shortly after admission and therapy begins immediately. During your stay, you are offered the suite of your choice where you’ll experience a comfortable home-like room, concierge dining options, access to our inviting living room, and much more. Quite a difference, to be sure. Nine out of ten patients rate Carolina Rehab Center as “Excellent!”

Casey, Amanda, and Ashley Rader, administrator, gave me a quick tour, and I was truly impressed with the newly renovated facility. The living and common areas are comfortable and pleasant and the dining room is inviting. The therapy suites and specialized equipment are especially impressive—and busy! I have never before seen a stair trainer that is dynamic and therapeutic. “The therapist adjusts the step height and number of stairs to simulate those in the patient’s home,” Casey said. “Available equipment includes the Alter-G, an anti-gravity treadmill that literally un-weighs you! It is an exceptional piece of equipment for someone who may be partial weight bearing after a fracture or surgery, anyone with a painful gait, general deconditioning or coordination disturbance following stroke. The Alter-G machine is unique to the Unifour area. Additional equipment utilized to build strength, flexibility, endurance, and a speedy recovery includes recumbent cross trainers, upper body ergometers, and cybercycles.” Balance is critical, and the HUR iBalance machine assesses balance, identifies those with a high risk of falling, and begins fall prevention training.

Getting back to normal and resuming an active life sometimes require re-learning everyday skills. “Standing, walking, bathing, even eating may suddenly be challenging,” Casey continued. “Our dedicated team of nurses, dietitians, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists have the tools and knowledge to help you resume activities you love as quickly as possible. We can work with heart patients, for instance, in learning a healthy new way to cook and eat; stroke patients in how to speak, swallow, and move again.”

People who have had knee or hip replacements, have suffered broken bones or had surgery, can recover and go home in record time with 7-days-a-week therapy sessions. A recent stroke patient told Ashley that he didn’t realize he would get such intense therapy, but on discharge, he realized that all those workouts with his therapists everyday are what allowed him to go home feeling so good, so fast.

About a week before anticipated discharge, a therapist will visit your home to determine if you are ready for independent living. If not, they will adjust your recovery plan to include more work on any deficiencies. If so, then Hurray for You!

I recommend you learn more on the webpage (CarolinaRehabCenterBurke.com) or plan a visit. You will see that the Center is welcoming and comfortable, state-of-the-art in all areas, and staffed by a professional, compassionate team that wants only the best for you. See first-hand how this fast-track, comprehensive recovery approach would help you or someone you love. Indeed, if you are having planned surgery, now is the time to decide how you want to recover: slowly, with difficulty, or actively engaged in the challenge of a return to good health and fitness. Making this easy choice—Carolina Rehab of Burke—could change your life.

Carolina Rehab Center of Burke
3647 Miller Bridge Road
Connelly Springs, NC 28612

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