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V-Infusion Hydration Center

V-Infusion Hydration Center

By Kristie Darling

Cover Photo by Shane Greene

On the cover–Grace McLaurin, PA-C and
Dr. Mac Moretz

Right–V-Infusion is located in the beautifully renovated Moretz Mill building just down from Vitality Anti-Aging Center.

Dr. Moretz and Brittni Herman discuss the various IV’s offered.

V-Infusion Hydration Center

V-Infusion Hydration Center


Just like our cars run best when we give them what they need—oil, gas, water, and such—our bodies run best when they have everything they need, when they need it. So, who really does that? I’d guess many of us in this fast-paced world are running on empty, so to speak. At V-Infusion Hydration Center, a sister health center to Vitality Anti-Aging and Vitality Surgical Centers in Hickory, the professional providers there have done your homework for you. They know exactly what to recommend for some of the many symptoms and conditions that keep us from doing and being our best. Chances are, you could benefit from their excellent advice.

We all know hydration is important, especially when our bodies are taxed—could be from a cold-like illness—remember Mom always telling you to drink plenty of liquids—preparing for or recovering from surgery, getting up to speed for or recuperating from training or a strenuous workout, life-draining fatigue, jet lag, even a hangover. Every cell in our body needs fluids. IV hydration is the quickest, most effective way to hydrate. “We’re here for anyone who wants to keep feeling their best with hydration and supplements,” said Grace McLaurin, PA-C and partner in Vitality Anti-Aging, Surgical, and V-Infusion Centers. “Our electrolytes get out of balance when we’re sick or stressed, for example, and IV hydration can help you balance that. In many instances, we can get you back to feeling better, sometimes, better than ever.”

IV hydration is a rapid, bio-available intravenous therapy that uses customized vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, nutrients, and medications when needed, to revive, re-set, rejuvenate, prepare, or repair us when life has gotten the best of us. “When you come into V-Infusion Center for the first time, you’ll be seen by one of our RNs or PAs, your medical history will be recorded, and a health assessment done to find out what’s going on,” Grace continued. “Our medical director is always on-call to consult with anyone whose health condition requires a physician’s overview. Perhaps you just ran a marathon, and you’re feeling depleted, or you’re back from flying through several time zones, and jet lag has you out of sync, or you’re just too tired to get anything done. Maybe you have a chronic condition we can help. Basically, we’ll customize your IV to your unique needs and desires. For some people, that means wanting to stay well, feel their very best, and prevent aging from limiting their life and activities. One hundred percent of the fluids, vitamins, and medications you receive by IV are absorbed immediately into your system and provide rapid results.”

Vitamin C is a safe and effective supplement when you’re feeling exhausted, have been under more stress than usual, or when you need a boost to your immune system to fight a viral or bacterial infection…think colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia. According to emedicinehealth.org, high dose vitamin C can support patients being treated with chemotherapy or radiation. Easily absorbed IV vitamin C can improve your energy level, skin, veins and arteries, bones, and it is thought to help fatigue, pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. “High dose vitamin C requires lab work and a visit with one of our providers,” Brittni Herman explained. Brittni is one of two RNs at the Center, and she oversees the medical staff of V-Infusion, Vitality Anti-Aging, and Vitality Surgical. “You’ll have an evaluation by a board-certified PA or nurse practitioner if you have an acute illness or special need. Everything is ordered, like a prescription, and standing orders can be set up for repeat visits. We ensure that all medical protocols are followed, and at the same time, we make it easy to get in and out.”

When I visited Abby Winstead at V-Infusion’s new facility, a short walk down from Vitality, I was impressed with the open, full-of-light reception area. For patients, V-Infusion maintains a sterile medical environment in a tranquil, spa-like setting. In fact, the peaceful setting in itself will be a welcome refresh from your busy day! I had a chance to look over informative brochures and check out wellness products like weight loss shakes, bars, snacks, and energy drinks.

“IV infusions address a long list of health conditions, and our proprietary combinations are available to most anyone. If you’re not sure if this is a good option for you, just call—we can go over any concerns you have,” Grace said. “Ask about general wellness, of course, but also PMS, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel and other digestive issues, stress, and migraines. Symptoms related to Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s syndrome, and cancer treatments can be helped.”

• Custom V-Infusion Cocktails — To Feel Your Best
• About Last Night — Hangover
• An Apple A Day — Keeps the Doctor Away
• Basic Drench — Skin and Overall Dehydration
• Energizer — Need Rejuvenated?
• Fountain of Youth — Looking Your Best
• Game On — Pre and Post Workout
• High Dose Vitamin C — Health Booster
• Quench — Rehydrate & Restore
• Re-set the Clock — Jet Lag Recovery
• The Recovery Room — Illness, Injury, Surgery
• The Vice Grip — Migraine and Headache Relief
• Turn Up the Heat — Power Your Fat Burning

Working on weight issues can be a challenge. V-Infusion and Vitality Anti-Aging can help you feel full of energy and motivation while you accomplish your weight loss goals. Vitality’s medically supervised, proven weight loss program of sound nutrition, customized plans, private appointments for counseling, prescriptions for supplements and appetite suppressants, if desired, lipotropic B12, and B1/B6 injections to help your body metabolize and clear fat can get you going, keep you going, and on to more energy and better health. “As healthcare providers, we believe anyone challenged with losing weight can benefit from establishing good nutritional habits and practices that will keep you healthy for a lifetime,” Grace said. “Our program is typically 12 weeks, but, like everything we offer, it’s totally customized to you. Your success is our success.”

“When I think about all that we have to offer here at Vitality Anti-Aging, Vitality Surgical Center, and now, V-Infusion, I really understand how important it is that we pull together health, beauty, and wellbeing, and I would add, confidence, energy, and synergy to the possibilities for women and men who are after a life well-lived,” Grace shared. “When Dr. McCoy Moretz, one of our medical partners, and I opened V-Infusion in 2017, we knew that hydration therapy was a cutting-edge treatment—we’re known for being first to offer effective, easily available new services—but we didn’t fully understand how our patients would benefit from this whole-person, full service approach through IV hydration and our medical and aesthetic spa. Vitality Surgical Center offers the services of three of Hollywood’s most sought-after surgeons right here in Central North Carolina. Our patients are working with the best possible physicians and health providers out there. We see remarkable, life-changing results every day. We’re proud to be leaders in this field—it’s what we’re about, and it feels good.”

V-Infusion Hydration Therapy
74 8th Street SE, Suite 112 • Hickory

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