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Dynamic Journeys Travel

Dynamic Journeys Travel

By Kristie Darling
Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–Sarah Moretz, owner of
Dynamic Journeys Travel

Right–Matchboxes Sarah’s grandparents collected around the world were some of her first toys. Playing with them, she learned about exotic places. She’s planning to visit each destination they’re from.

Dynamic Journeys Travel


“Wanderlust bit me hard when I was little,” Sarah Keener Moretz said with a smile. “Every night before bed, Dad would get me to spin my globe as fast as I could, then ask, ‘Where’s Italy? Find Mongolia!’” and it wasn’t long before I knew all the countries, lots of cities, and I was fascinated with the world. I’m the perfect example of…if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


To begin, think expert guidance, worldwide connections, and an extremely savvy travel agent who thinks outside the box. Sarah owns and operates Dynamic Journeys Travel here in Hickory. She does it with passion, experience, dedication, and a network of international partners in the travel industry. She knows her stuff firsthand—she’s traveled all around the world and also holds certifications from a slew of luxury travel partners, so she’s on top of what’s happening in the world of travel. She’s also the recipient of a multitude of awards in the travel industry.

Moretz said, “I’ve been so honored the past 13 years to have earned the trust of my clients for their most important milestone vacations. For me, it’s been fun to see the progression from honeymoons and destination weddings I’ve planned to multi-generational family vacations, now.”

Many new clients contact Sarah when they are overwhelmed with the options they’ve found online themselves. They want to know they are getting the best value, that the itinerary fits them, and they want a sense of security upon arrival. “I’ve caught a lot of errors that can be made by booking without me—like not enough connection times in an airport or wrong airports,” she shared. “I also have access to events and extra perks around the world that people otherwise would not be privy to. I enjoy bouncing ideas back and forth with my clients who like to be involved. Other times, they just give me their interests, dates, and budget, then they let me surprise them! I treat each trip as if it were my own.”

Gail Garrison said, “Now that most of our kids are grown, it’s a tradition for our extended family to travel together for holidays at least once a year. Using Sarah makes it so much easier to handle all the bookings and special requests. She’s suggested and planned some fabulous vacations for us—precious memories that we cannot put a price on.”


Sarah makes planning your next vacation easy, quick, and fun. “I realize people have been waiting and saving money sometimes for years to get to go on the trip I’m planning for them, so I want to cover all their wishes and then add extras they haven’t considered to make it even more wonderful,” she said. “Having clients return from their vacations relaxed, reconnected, and inspired is always my goal...it’s so rewarding.” A simple phone call or email is all that’s needed to get going.

Formerly DJT was located in Moretz Mills, but Sarah found most people preferred a quick 10-minute call. They would usually call back to book within the hour their proposal was received. “People get overwhelmed thinking about traveling, especially with family and friends. I’ll take on the challenge, you won’t be stressed, and you’ll save time and money,” Sarah continued. “I can book the best suite on the ship, arrange for any means of travel or transfer—limo, train, helicopter, a chartered yacht with crew in the Mediterranean—and I can find availability where you might not. I’m a full-service, boutique travel consultant who will become your new best friend when you see how relaxed you can be out in the world. I’m ready to get you going!”

Client Sarah Greer said, “There have been multiple occasions when we’ve looked to Sarah’s guidance with travel recommendations and arrangements. She’s helped us find unique and memorable locations to celebrate many of our important milestones—from our honeymoon to anniversary trips. We’ve enjoyed working with Sarah and look forward to future bucket-list experiences. “

Every traveler has different needs, and Sarah enjoys checking off her clients’ requirement list as “done.” She can get you, and your family and friends to your destination wedding so that everyone enjoys all of it. “Your honeymoon can be the most amazing time you’ve ever had…think of exotic places you’d like to visit, and let’s explore that!” Did you know there are luxury suites in Dubai with an aquarium by your bedside? Sarah knows the trendy as well as the remote regions of the world, and she knows how to get you there!

Dynamic Journeys menu of services ranges from spa retreats, honeymoons, destination weddings, golf packages, villa rentals, reunions and multi-generational family holidays, to school trips, business conferences, safaris, all-inclusive resorts, weekend getaways, bucket lists, and anything in between that you and Sarah might dream up!

Last year, the world kind of stopped. As we begin to make arrangements for renewed travel, working with Sarah will ensure you have all your ducks in a row. She knows what the requirements are these days in countries around the world. “I want my travelers to be aware of where they are going,” Sarah told me. “The travel-scape has changed quite a bit and continues to do so. I can have good people on the ground to assist you when you arrive, have personal touches included, and I will help keep your vacation comfortable. Traveling with young children, and with seniors as well, takes special planning. Sarah makes sure you’re not on your own, wondering what’s next.


Whether you’re into adventure or sophisticated wine tours, if you yearn to see the landscapes of Italy, the beaches of Hawaii, meet Geishas in Japan, birdwatch in New Zealand, or cruise around the tip of South America, Sarah can get you there in comfort and style. When you meet with her, ask about snorkeling in Fiji, swimming to the edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia, riding elephants while trekking through Thailand, and what it’s like to interact with the great whites in Gansbaai, South Africa. Sarah can tell you all about these adventures, and you will leave wanting to create memories of your own…Run, don’t walk…time’s a wasting!

Dynamic Journeys Travel
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