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Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

RightHeather, medical esthetician and licensed phlebotomist,
is completing a blood draw for PRP Microneedling treatment.

Shaffney, clinical director, preparing a patient for teeth whitening with DaVinci’s All-Natural Teeth Whitening System.

Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness
Photos by Shane GreenePhotography

On the cover–Britney Ayers, medical esthetician; Shaffney Beaver, clinical director; Heather Cody, medical esthetician;
Jill Cline, clinical coordinator (Not Shown Thaedra Robinson)

Right–Britney, performing one of her favorite services––tattoo removal



Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness

Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness


An estimated 69% of people in the United States struggle with either obesity or being overweight. Although many people want to lose weight for aesthetic reasons, the health advantages are astounding. Being overweight increases your risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many types of cancer. Add to that list stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and in general, a low quality of life, and you have a long list of reasons to reach a healthy goal. The fact that you look and feel better about yourself is an added bonus, and that can be a tremendous motivator.

We are blasted with so much misinformation and fad diets that may cause short-term weight loss, but most aren’t healthy or sustainable. It can be confusing for people wanting to lose weight to know where to begin. That’s where Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness comes in. They have been helping people lose weight the healthy way for 26 years with individualized plans tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness is a locally owned practice with seven locations across North and South Carolina. Dr. Christopher DiOrio, owner and medical director, along with the dedicated teams at Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness, are committed to helping their patients learn how to live and be healthier. Since 2009, when the Hickory location opened, they have helped thousands of patients reach and maintain their weight loss goals. “Taking each step one step at a time, right beside our patients along their wellness journey, is our focus and mission,” says Shaffney Beaver, clinical director of the Hickory office.

Your weight loss journey at Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness will start with a counseling appointment to assess your goals, timeframe, strengths, weaknesses, and health issues in order to develop a plan for you. A health assessment will then begin by looking at body composition, measurements, and vital signs to determine your starting point. Weight loss is more than just a number on a scale, and it’s important to see a full picture of your progress to realize all the health improvements along your way.

Together with you, they develop your own individualized plan to fit within your lifestyle, eating habits, and taste preferences. You will work with your counselor each week to take manageable steps toward your long-term goals. There is no magic window to begin your weight loss journey. You will always have social events, birthday parties, and daily hurdles to learn how to navigate. With Physician’s Plan, you and your counselor will devise strategies to help you make the best choice in any situation. They offer many tools, tips, and tricks to help you through the tough spots so you can stick to your plan. Tools include prescription appetite suppressants, Lipotropic Vitamin B-12 injections, nutritional products and supplements, journaling, and weigh-ins for accountability.

“We explain everything we recommend and how it will make a difference,” said Shaffney. “We provide guidelines on grocery shopping, understanding nutritional labels, making good choices, menu ideas, recipes, supplements, and the convenient snacks, shakes, and meals we offer. Buying our products is never mandatory, however, our food options really help some patients who struggle with sweets or salty snack cravings,” Shaffney continued. “They are low carb, low sugar, high protein, and convenient.”

In addition to their Core Weight Loss Plan above, Physician’s Plan offers some quick options for fast results. The six-day Jump Start Plan delivers quick results safely, and the Fat Burner Plan concentrates on burning fat faster with the Lipotropic Vitamin-B-12 injections that contain fat burners to reduce fat storage and increase metabolism and energy.

Plans are individualized to fit your needs, with no contracts or obligations. They are convenient, flexible, and affordable to fit your life and budget. Results vary based by individual. “Our biggest losers may lose 15 to 20 pounds a month…our goal is to lose two to three pounds of body fat per week,” Shaffney explained. “We give you the tools you need to safely reach your goal, and we’re here for you while you’re making important changes to improve your looks and health—even after you reach your weight goal.”

The aesthetics part of Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness was a natural expansion of the practice. “As patients succeed in their weight loss journey, they feel better and want to continue to improve,” said Shaffney. “Taking care of your skin by adding medical-grade skin care and med spa treatments was a natural addition to help our patients look and feel their best.” The growth of the Hickory location allowed them to expand in 2021 to double the size of their office and increase the availability of their Med Spa services with medical aestheticians Heather Cody and Britney Ayers. Their Med Spa treatments are results-driven to achieve the goals of their patients. The medical aestheticians seek to understand your skin concerns and develop a treatment plan to improve the health and wellness of your skin.

Aesthetics services include dermal fillers and neurotoxin injections to help patients age gracefully. Understanding the natural aging process, facial anatomy, contouring, as well as many years of experience, are what make their master injectors Leah Fleming, PA-C and Jennifer Berube, NP-C the absolute best. They take the time to understand your concerns and then develop a treatment plan to address those concerns. Their focus is to provide correction that is both natural and subtle. Restoring facial volume can result in a brighter, more refreshed appearance. Their injectors utilize Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, Revanesse Versa, and other products. Med spa and aesthetic consultations are always available.

“We strive to bring in the best medical-grade products and services for our patients,” Shaffney said. “With services like Clear + Brilliant, IPL, Laser Hair Reduction, HydraFacial, CO2 Laser Resurfacing, Tattoo Removal, and Microneedling with PRP, we have the resources to treat your skin concerns. Your home skin care routine is important to maximize your treatment results. We are proud to offer Obagi, Colorescience, Revision, and Skin Medica. We also offer spray tanning, Upneeq for low-lying lids, and DaVinci all-natural, plant-based teeth whitening system.”

With the holidays just around the corner, we will be attending a lot of parties and family get-togethers where high calorie food and drink will be part of the celebration. I asked Shaffney if she has any advice for people who are trying to ward off the dreaded holiday weight gain. “Whether it’s the holidays or going on vacation, we want you to enjoy the occasion,” said Shaffney. “Just practice moderation. Maybe have just a bite or two of those sweets and eat small portions. Use your cheat days for the parties and go right back to eating healthy. Don’t continue eating high calorie foods. If you plan on cocktails, stay away from the high sugar cocktails and hydrate with water. Consider bringing a dish that is a healthier option. Don’t attend a party hungry. Eat a little something before you go. Most importantly, don’t wait to start your plan until after the holidays.”

When preparing for the holidays, Physician’s Weight Loss + Wellness will have holiday packages and specials through the end of the year. One of the most popular specials is their Twelve Days of Giftmas when they will offer discounts for 12 days straight in December. Whether you are interested in losing weight or purchasing spa treatments and services for yourself or as a gift, Physician’s Plan is a great place to visit. Their professional team of providers, counselors, and medical aestheticians and master injectors are always there to help you. Visit their website at , follow them on Instagram @hickory_physiciansplan, and see their monthly ad in Hickory Living magazine. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help you be your own success story.

Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness
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