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The Joan Killian Everett Company

The Joan Killian Everett Company

By Amy Casil
Photos by Shane Greene Photography

On the cover–The Joan Killian Everett Team
From left to right–Michelle Mitchell-Impagliazzo, broker-in-charge; Joan K. Everett, broker and owner; Christy Shepard, marketing specialist/broker; and Xan Pilgrim, broker (standing)

Right–Joan Killian Everett, broker and owner of the
Joan Killian Everett Company

Michelle, Xan, Christy, and Joan

The Joan Killian Everett Company


The first thing Joan Everett said when I spoke to her about The Joan Killian Everett Company was, “Hickory is a great place to live.” Joan said, “We are getting families of all ages moving to Hickory, and they are coming from everywhere.”

With over three decades of real estate experience, Joan Everett has consistently been one of Catawba Valley’s top-selling Realtors® with over $650 million in sales to date. And although Hickory isn’t the biggest real estate region in North Carolina, Joan has been in the top of NC Real Estate Producers.

Joan’s business has now evolved from a single top producing agent into a dynamic team environment. And…that has ultimately led to the culmination of The Joan Killian Everett Company which currently consists of a group of 14 like-minded agents with a boutique agency vibe.

The Joan Everett Team works together to provide seamless services to clientele. “Our purpose is protecting and caring for our clients,” she said. We talked about how real estate is a people business and that service to people is first and foremost in a successful real estate firm.

“Our success comes from our team approach,” Joan said. Within the JKE Company Joan’s immediate team members are Christy Shepard, Xan Pilgrim, and Michelle Mitchell-Impagliazzo.

Trusted Friends and Teammates Exemplify Excellent Service
Speaking with Joan showed me how deep roots in Hickory can go and the beautiful quality of life that the community has built. “We’re able to be successful because each of our team members step in to provide service whenever a client needs it,” Joan said.

Christy Shepard said, “We love what we do and are all good friends and teammates.” She emphasized that the team provides service from the very first meeting with a client to well beyond the close of each transaction. Christy added, “We treat each client as if they are our only client.”

“We have an awesome team dynamic,” said Xan Pilgrim. “I’m very thankful to serve such a fabulous community and such a wide variety of clients.” Michelle Mitchell-Impagliazzo added, “We face challenges together which makes the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Along with Joan, JKE Team members are active participants in the Catawba Valley area. They contribute their knowledge and connections to every client, which helps them to fulfill their unique needs and dreams.

Challenges in Real Estate
I discussed challenges in the real estate market with Joan. She mentioned that when she started out, contracts were only two pages long. I checked, and the basic North Carolina Offer to Purchase and Contract agreement is now 17 pages long. Each year, more requirements are added. “It’s a lot for people to absorb,” Joan said. “This is just one area where experienced real estate professionals help both sellers and buyers understand and navigate the buying and selling process.”

Around the country, many real estate markets are struggling, particularly in the area of starter homes and first-time home buyers. Joan said, “these challenges have happened throughout home buying history.”

Hickory’s home buying market is healthy, Joan said, although there is a limited inventory due to market conditions. Fortunately, she said, with the strength of her team and years of experience, she’s able to locate homes for buyers and successfully list properties. “There’s a home for everyone,” she said. “I firmly believe that.”

Local Roots, Deep Connections
Joan mentioned that she started in real estate in 1991 and she’s now become a multi-generational real estate professional, serving grandparents, parents, and children. The agency does represent estate properties and has listings for very distinctive homes and land, but Joan emphasized, “we work with a wide range of clients in every price range.”

We also talked about how important it is to have connections in the community to provide top service to clients. Joan’s maternal and paternal family are Hickory natives, so when it comes time to call for services, they know the most reliable and capable businesses and contractors. From home inspections to repairs and any other needs such as attorneys, lenders, and surveyors, JKE Team has the ability to call on prompt, reliable services to support the selling and buying process.

The Essential Personal Touch
Joan discussed the importance of relationships and service in real estate with me. For many people, buying a home is the biggest financial transaction of their life, and owners are attached to properties that they may have called home for years. “I love to see people fall in love with the home they buy,” Joan said.

Joan is modest, but I asked her about what she’d heard from her many satisfied clients about their experience with the JKE Team. “Well,” she said, “Many clients tell me they appreciate the way we listen to them and understand what they need. Our goal is to build relationships and create clients for life.”

She added, “I want to make them feel confident in the buying process. It’s not just about buying a home, it’s about making them feel comfortable and introducing them to people.” She and the Joan Everett Team help buyers locate communities that meet their needs.

The outstanding service offered by the Joan Everett Team led by Joan Everett is deeply rooted in Hickory and the Catawba Valley.

Many new families have moved to Hickory for its quality of life, and they’re fortunate that they can turn to top real estate professionals who not only know the area, they recognize its beauty and value. “We could live anywhere,” Joan said about herself and her husband, “but we’d never leave Hickory.”

The Joan Killian Everett Company

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